We understand the importance of knowing your industry.

We’ve worked in many industries and we know the importance of an IT infrastructure to meet your particular IT, compliance, and security needs.

Building an IT infrastructure is complicated. It comes at a cost and one that often comes with a substantial upfront investment as well as those associated with ongoing upgrades and maintenance. Support of that infrastructure can require hard-to-find and expensive staff positions that increase your headcount or take time from other work roles who “pitch in” on IT when it may not be their strongest skill set. “As-a-service”, cloud-hosted IT services can minimize these upfront costs while delivering exactly the solutions you need, with greater security and reliability than you may have been able to achieve on-premise.

Easily configurable, our cloud services allow you to choose a single service or application, multiple services, or a fully hosted solution where all applications, servers, storage, backup and virtual desktops are delivered in the cloud model.


Protecting your patients’ information and your network from service disruption has never been easier or more cost-effective. We make sure your IT supports security, compliance, performance and growth needs. 

We offer comprehensive bundle of IT Services for the Healthcare Industry. Our managed service program servicesDatawatch for Healthcareis designed to improve productivity, and the performance of your network, system security and to manage costs. DataWatch is delivered by KLH’s highly trained and certified technicians that understand the needs of community health centers, group practices, hospitals and independent care providers. 

We work directly in partnership with you to understand your goals and to manage stable network infrastructure. Whether your organization is struggling to meet HIPAA compliance regulations; to meet meaningful use requirements; to meet patient demand for telehealth service; or to implement or improve your EMRKLH’s health-certified IT staff is here to provide the direction and hands-on assistance you require.  


Manufacturing and Distribution

KLH Consulting provides a full range of IT services to manufacturers who rely on technology for design, quality control, production and distribution all around the world. Manufacturers and distributors have unique and demanding IT requirements.   With our IT support services we keep your operations secure and running at peak performance while utilizing manufacturing resource planning (MRP) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. We help manufacturers and distributors build a strong IT infrastructure that provides scalability and flexibility for employees to access critical information and applications from anywhere. Businesses need technology options that are convenient to use, affordable to maintain and offer new insights and capabilities to keep ahead of competitors and to provide insights to improve processes and to maximize the utility of the supply chain. 



We offer a complete suite of IT Services for the financial industry. Our Enhanced Security services, coupled with our managed IT program, Datawatch,  are designed to improve security, productivity, and the performance of your network while managing overall IT costs.  DataWatch is delivered by KLH’s highly trained and certified team who proactively vendor manage your financial software, update your IT infrastructure regularly with the latest anti-malware & cybersecurity solutions, and recommend state-of-the-art cloud storage solutions with the latest protections 

We work directly in partnership with you to understand your goals and to manage stable network infrastructure. Whether your organization is struggling to meet compliance regulations; or to assure availability of your IT system for remote and onsite work, our certified and experienced team will provide the highest level of technical service to help your business thrive.  



We work directly in partnership with technology and Software companies and departments. For our technology clients, we serve as an extension of their team, providing managed services, security services, or on a project basis to assure their teams have access to the full range of technical solutions they require.  Using best-of-class software and hardware, we make sure your technology business is equipped for flexibility and digital resilience.  KLH Consulting delivers exceptional risk management, infrastructure, and cybersecurity services – all while reducing overall costs. 


State/Local Government 

KLH Consulting knows that state/local governments have a responsibility to serve the community by holding, sharing, using, and protecting citizen information. Our team supports state/local governments with their diverse IT systems by providing IT resources, system management, helpdesk, and enhanced security services.  Providing mission-critical security expertise, we work to protect sensitive data and system infrastructure for cities, county services, and municipalities.  We expertly work within annual budgeting processes to efficiently deliver the best applications, access, and analytics to serve operations. Our KLH team regularly works with several agencies within a single government body to help pool resources and focus on increasing security and operational efficiency. 



KLH Consulting has been helping non-profits leverage information technology (IT) to support their mission for over 40 years. Non-profits have limited resources to achieve their goals of serving the public. They need to leverage IT to communicate with the public and build support for their objectives, protect their donors’ information, implement a disaster recovery plan to allow the organization to function during a crisis, and analyze data to decide how to direct their limited resources. KLH Consulting’s team can become your organization’s IT partner utilizing your current resources and helping you determine time and cost-saving solutions to better support your mission. 



We understand that hospitality is being transformed into a digital technology-enabled industry powered by online, mobile, cloud, IoT, AI tools, and applications. Technology is now a tool used in every aspect of the hospitality industry from basic hotel operations, guest services, communications, revenue management, to CRMmarketing, and guest experiences. The challenge of hospitality venues to allow access to not just wifiAlexa, and Google assistant and touchless check n will only increase to meet the demands of creating a unique and elevated customer experience. These bring even more cybersecurity risks. A stable and secure infrastructure that supports several hospitality programs is essential for day-to-day business. KLH Consulting is a team of trusted IT professionals that can support your daily operations and securityWe can help design and support a cohesive IT solution to maximize each of your programs while increasing customer access and implementing a cybersecurity plan to support your goals. 


Wine Industry

KLH Consulting has been fully supporting both the network and winery software needs of the wine industry since our inception forty years ago.   

Our team of IT service professionals provides the full range of IT support your wine business needs — consulting to managed services to project and help desk support.  We will work with you to optimize performance, stability, and security to support your business growth and evolution.  

Our Vintegrate Winery software suite powers the back office, winemaking and production, wholesale, and direct-to-consumer sales needs of many wineries nationwide.  Vintegrate is built specifically for the wine industry by KLH Consulting, Inc., a Microsoft Certified Partner, with forty years of experience in customizing, implementing, and supporting world-class ERP solutions.  

Our consistent application upgrade schedule assures that critical and evolving needs of your wine business will be met – whether they take the form of compliance with TTB regulations, touchless POS, reservations, and virtual tastings to meet COVID guidelines, or simply productivity improvements to assure the ability to more effectively manage winemaking processes.