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The Pro River Way

Here at Pro River Technology we believe that truth, honesty, and hard work are some of our greatest traits. It is our responsibility to guide businesses through today’s river of technology to provide them with the right solutions within their budgets.

The only way to do this is through becoming ingrained in our customers’ businesses, understanding what hazards are in the river and guiding them to safer water.  It is easy to become blinded on the river and become stuck or washed up on the shore but we are here to help pull you back and help your business grow.

Business IT Services


Because Pro River has a deep bench of talented IT Professionals, we can provide you with the right people, possessing the right skills to meet your needs, and we can do it virtually on-demand. Pro River’ professional technology services are available in a variety of packages to meet your business’ individual needs.


Whether your need is large or small, when you need an IT professional immediately, Pro River is ready to come running. From end user support to system design and everything in between, Pro River stands ready to assist when needed. On-Demand services are billed hourly or per job, depending on your needs and the scope of the engagement. Pro River’s engineers work at your location or remotely depending on your needs. We often affectionately refer to this service as the “break fix” service – you break it, we fix it!


Whether your project is large or small, when you need temporary resources to complete a project, Pro River can provide the specialists you need to make your project or implementation successful. Pro River can staff projects ranging from several days or weeks in duration to multiple years, with team sizes from one to dozens of engineers. Because of our extensive experience with project planning and fulfillment, Pro River can also assist with project budgeting, planning and management if desired.

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